MOSAIC - A VOH Culture Creative Conference
Oct 15 - Nov 06, 2022
Online & Offline
MOSAIC - A VOH Culture Creative Conference (FREE)
WINGS Baldwin Auditorium, Bengaluru
Nov 06(4:30pm-7:00pm), 2022

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A creative conference with 12 different disciplines - Art, Creative Writing, Culinary, Dance, Fashion, Filmmaking, Media, Music Production, Photography, Song Writing, Theatre & Christian Worship.

It is geared to help creatives identify the true purpose of their craft and to unlock the next level of creativity & skill in their art.

This conference is a "one-of-a-kind" gathering of creatives, artists & visionaries. Come, capture this great opportunity to hear & learn from some of the established names in Christian arts, media and entertainment as they share what it means to be excellent & align passion with purpose.

Don't miss Mosaic 2022 - where faith, art and life meet.

This will be an extensive online and offline program. The 3 online sessions spanning 3 weeks and 2 day offline event are a part of a continuous gathering. We recommend attendance on all 5 days in order to receive a holistic view of the conference. We will conclude with a grand creative collaboration to practically apply everything that has been learnt.

NOTE : For any queries please contact - +91 8904419001/006, +91 9036012822.