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“COLOURS OF BENGAL” is first of it's kind. It is an initiative by AGON 2019 which is solely organized by the students of Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital for the first time ever. A, talent hunt show spanning across West Bengal, to find out some rare talents which lie undiscovered. Our motto is to give these unsung voices a voice, a platform to showcase their talents in front of an audience like the one in our fest.

Launching this year's mega event with AGON 2019 - "Colours of Bengal".

So, what talents have you got? Have you always felt, that you haven't explored yourself enough? Did your talent just fade away in the hustle and bustle of the world?

Then, we have something that you have been waiting for all this while.

Get ready to be a part of the biggest inter-college and also inter-school talent hunt show, that West Bengal has ever seen.


CNMC Campus, 32, Gorachand Road, Kolkata.

Key Dates

* Registrations will close on August 28, 2019.
* Results will be declared on August 30, 2019.
* Finals will be on September 05, 2019.

Performance Criteria :

  1. Time Limit: Each participant /team will be given 4+1 min to showcase their talent in the video (prelims) as well as in the Finale.

    Exceeding your time limit will be considered as discredit to your scores.
  2. Performance Types: COB encourages you to perform a variety of art. The list is given below,

    • One person singing in both female and male voice
    • Singing family/choirs
    • Instrumentalist: Music fusion such as sarangi and drums, tabla and guitar etc - we can look at some fusion bands /percussion - with own instruments !
    • Creating music with a combination/utensils/telephones
    • Visually impaired, singing or playing music
    • Singing in different languages or different styles
    • Creating music with different utensils
    • Child Prodigy – Eg. young drummer, teenager with outstanding voice
    • Creating music with the help of various body parts
    • One man band
    • Whistling and snapping with fingers
    • Beat Boxing
    • Accapela
    • Flute boxing

    • Outstanding solo / group acts.
    • Fusion dance: kathak and tap dancing, kathak and belly dancing,etc
    • Dancing while balancing on thali
    • Oddisi on Bollywood music
    • Folk dances: Kalbeliya, Ghoomar,etc
    • Dancing while balancing pots on the head
    • Dancing on Stilts
    • Hoola Hoopers - group / solo • Dancing on rolling drums/barrel
    • Acrobats and dance fusion

    • Magic and dance together
    • Magic and comedy together
    • Juggling and magic
    • Visually impaired performing magic
    • Magic and ventriloquist

    • Solo, duet and group performances.
    • Puppetry and ventriloquists will also make a mark on the show.

    • Kathak and belly dance fusion
    • Rope tricks
    • Jugglers- swords/fire balls/glass bottles
    • Fire stunts
    • Ventriloquist
    • Live Sketching
    • Paint within 5 mins

  3. Video Entry: Submit your video showing your talents within given time limit in MP4, Avi format through this portal or you can give the drive link.
    Our team will not be responsible neither for glitch/low quality of the video or any audio defect nor any technical fault in the drive link.
Registration Criteria:

  • Participants have to register via the portal of Ticketgenie for the prelims.
Selection Criteria:

  1. Decision of the Judge Panel based on the video given by the participants will be considered FINAL for the Finale.
  2. The videos of the selected participants will be posted on the facebook & Instagram page of AGON.
* The registration portal will close on midnight of August 27, 2019.

Prize :

  • Winners will receive cash prize of Rs. 10,000.
  • For Runners Up there are attractive gift hampers & cash prizes.

Terms and Conditions :

  1. Age Limit is 16 Yrs – 30 Yrs.
  2. Every individual participant must carry proper School/College ID for the finale of COB which will be held on 5th of September in Calcutta National Medical College Campus. Participants will not be allowed to perform on the main stage without a valid ID proof issued by the college or school authority.
  3. Solo/Group performances are allowed.
  4. Cross College/School teams are also allowed.
  5. Ticketgenie is the official service provider of this event and not the organizer / promoter.


* Additional charges 3% on registration fee

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