• gamesThe Process

    For the first time in India, Ticketgenie brings to you two types of ticket validation and entry systems - an e-ticketing solution with a print-at-home option for multiple Live Entertainment events like Campus Rock Idols and Rock’N India festivals along with multiple branding opportunities for event sponsors and associates.

    For those event promoters who are looking for state-of-the art technology for accreditation purposes, we offer International technology with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). We also provide other options like Mobile Ticketing where customers can order, pay for, obtain and validate their tickets from any location at any time using a mobile device.

    Print-on Demand ticketing solution – a customized printing technology, is also available. Here, tickets are only printed after an order has been received from our customer. This ticketing solution has some unique features like high security pre-printed base tickets, high speed on-demand printers, re-usable base tickets, with real time reporting.

    While providing consumers with an easy to use ticketing portal to select seats and purchase tickets, Ticketgenie also offers various event promoters a platform to enhance their event presence and connect with their customers in a hassle-free environment. Using customized and sophisticated ticketing software, Ticketgenie ensures all its consumers safe and secure purchasing of tickets and transactions on our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certified Payment Gateway. Net Banking and all major Credit and Debit Cards are accepted.

  • gamesReviving the National Game

    This is an era where cricket and football have taken over our National Game. Any where you go we hear only two sports from people's mouth and people seemed to have forgotten our own game. These generation kids might not know any other game than cricket and football if not mentioned about other sport games in school. This doesn't mean that there are no viewers or fans for hockey but the ratio is going down day by day.
    Remembering our national game it's our duty to build viewers and followers for this game, spread the word. As we have the right opportunity to do so and this is the right time we make a move. We have the Hero MotoCrop, sponsoring for the Hockey India to host this league successfully. Naming it FIH hockey world league; it's an international field competition, organised by the international hockey federation.
    This is the tournament that gives fans an opportunity to see their team go all the way to the world cup and Olympics. It also gives a chance for all the teams from the smallest to the largest nations, to make a history in the books of hockey. This league being the result of two long years of efforts for this special day which shines a spotlight on the sport around the world. The league is going to be held in Raipur from 27th November 2015 to 6th December 2015. You can checkout the event dates and plan in the given link.
    Petitions have been signed on social networks on saving animals, humans, help old people, stop actions and what not? What happened to our National Sports? where has that been forgotten? Lets revive the sports by loging on and booking our tickets. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up!!! Book now

  • gamesIPL-Welcome to the Indian Paranoia League!!

    Pardon my use of ‘Paranoia’ but this word truly describes the mayhem and frenzy related to this high adrenaline rush sport. Like in the West we have The Football League, with all its glamour and glitz, the same has been incarnated in India with the IPL, surrounded with glamour, foreign import cheerleaders, controversial games, super sixes, nail biting finishes, all the entertainment in one exciting package! It is the evolution of 21st century cricket which is enjoyed at the stadiums as well home.
    TGS has been proudly associated with IPL since its inception in 2008. It has been providing 360 degrees integrated ticketing solutions to all its clients; be it designing, printing, distribution, sales and validation. The whole cycle is managed by a bunch of zealous & crazy but passionate youngsters, who provide flawless service to their respective clients as well as the cricket crazy fans! They have been associated with KKR and RCB from the very start, managing all their ticketing solutions through various innovative marketing techniques, be it offline or online, which boosted the sales over the consecutive years. It was also associated with the DD and DC franchisees for a couple of years.
    Now the IPL is in its seventh edition and things are already buzzing. TGS is all set for this season; through their past endeavours it has actually come a long way in mastering the business. They have learnt from the art of grasping changing trends and have incorporated them accordingly, thanks to its strong team who are ready to give it all. Quick, responsive & pro-active thinking has taken over the first season’s confused minds and in the times of crisis it’s not earth shattering anymore, alternatives do exist! This season the initial mayhem is marred a little by the Indian Elections 2014 but once it starts, it is going to be one hell of a ride! The Paranoia will start again and will drive everyone around paranoid (though only for a while) till the last match of the season. But then what’s the fun in plain, boring and systematic event, until and unless it is not a roller coaster ride filled with unexpected turns & twists, and then it isn’t worth the IPL extravagance and TGS very happily indulges us in all these pleasures!

  • gamesKolkata Cricket Religion Love Edens

    Need we say more about this Cricket crazy city which follows cricket as a Religion? The love for Cricket for them is pure, holy and unquestionable. Kolkata has witnessed the greatest matches ever in the history of international cricket at the most popular and historically significant stadium in India, The Eden Gardens.
    TGS had the opportunity to be a part of Kolkata’s cricketing history and it’s love for all things SPORTS! From the ICC ODI’s and test matches, to the East Bengal Football Club, to this high-intensified drama entertainment circus called IPL! TGS has been there done that! From the IPL’s first season with KKR, till the latest, to the most symbolic and memorable match for any Indian, which was the legendary star Sachin Tendulkar’s 199th Test Match hosted in the country’s biggest stadium, Eden Gardens, a fitting tribute to the Little Maestro. A plethora of events were lined up to make it as the most memorable farewell to any player worldwide. TGS couldn’t have asked for more than a packed house at the stadium, which the Kolkata throng very easily managed, surpassing all their expectations! It was a dream to watch him for many, and they were happy to be their “DreamCatchers”!
    It’s not only their love for Cricket, Mishti, literature, Rabindranath Tagore and fish which Kolkata is famous for but also for one of the most important sport in the city, Football, which every child in the street is seen playing.. TGS is a part of their football frenzy as well; it was the East Bengal’s Club exclusive ticketing partner for their 100 years of celebration, another history in the making. Kolkata has a royal affair with history and TGS seems to be a part of all their historical milestones.

All major credit & debit cards accepted
All major credit & debit cards accepted
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